• Accelerated Learning Techniques Bonuses

Accelerated Learning Techniques Bonuses


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- Discover how to read much faster than you can now... this simple technique quadruples your reading speed almost instantly
- Increase your productivity by setting clearly defined achievable goals... create an ongoing stream of Money Making Opportunities for yourself
- Discover how to create simple mental pictures and drawings to help you learn faster...which is also really fun
- Master the 4 types of "Dominant Intelligence"…understanding how each affects your learning ability and what type of learner you are
- Harness the 7 Intelligences...7 learning skills you can put to work right away to start learning faster
- Learn 4 Logical States of Learning...instantly get yourself into the right frame of mind to absorb new information
- Begin using 3 "Psychological Ticks" Guaranteed to improve your memory...your friends will think you're a genius
- Learn how to use REM to Lock in what you learn...this simple technique will jet propel your brain to new levels of intelligence. Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "Sleep on It"…
- Create your 4 Step Ideal Learning Pattern... for faster learning
- Discover how to propel yourself to new levels of personal performance...become the person you've always known you could be
- Gain the competitive advantage in your business or career... get head and shoulders above your competition, along with that promotion or new client you've been after
- Use the same techniques used by top performers to plough through reams of information in less time than it takes to read a paperback novel
- Develop a "Super Memory"…one man was able to memorize the entire Los Angeles phone book using these techniques! Surely you'll never have to do this, but it's nice to know you could if you wanted to…
- Improve your inner ability to instantly recall information you thought you'd forgotten...impress your family and friends with your ability to recall events and details

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