Pearl Textured Dupioni Silk Curtain


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Product Overview

No one can pay attention to the man behind the curtain if the curtains are as exquisite as Pearl Textured Dupioni Silk Curtains. These Pearl Textured Dupioni Silk Curtains are made up of supremely textured fabrics suffused by horizontal lines and slubs reflecting their class. More importantly alongside these imported curtains customers will be getting 3 inch pole pocket with hook belt. Consumers can shop readymade curtains under the most popular dimensions specified on the site as well as they own the choice to customize these curtains as per their prioritized measurements. Moreover, the price of theses astonishing curtains is also quite balanced maximizing the interest of the customers. Pearl Textured Dupioni Silk Curtains can also be returned under the stated conditions prescribed on the site.

Product Highights

  • 100% Dupioni Silk
  • Weighted Hem
  • Dry Clean Only
  • 3” Pole Pocket with Hook Belt
  • Lined & Interlined
  • Imported

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