Parallels Desktop 14 Pro Edition


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Product Overview

Life needs innovations so change your life today, act now and don't delay. Parallels Desktop 14 Pro Edition is one of the neoteric and distinctive products acknowledged for its unmatched benefits for the users. Parallels Desktop Pro Edition usually targets MAC users easing up things as it allows them to run windows and MAC OS at the same time which makes it clear that it can negotiate with multiple operating systems concurrently. Some of its most distinguished operations include the use of Linux on copious versions, it can validate web apps in any browser on any OS, and it can test software in a remote environment and so on. More importantly, Parallels Desktop 14 for Mac Pro Edition gives customers increased processing power, with up to 128 GB of virtual RAM allotted to the VM and up to 32 virtual CPUs.

Product Highights

  • Run multiple operating systems without rebooting.
  • Use different versions of Linux.
  • Test in multiple browsers, including Internet Explorer versions.
  • Validate web apps in any browser on any OS.
  • Test software in an isolated environment.

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