• How to Write a Book and Become a Published Author Training Program

How to Write a Book and Become a Published Author Training Program


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Are you an aspiring writer and looking for all the help you can receive to get your first book published? The How to Write a Book and Become a Published Author is a training program by Brian Tracy, which consists of a 5-part comprehensive online training course, a DVD, 5 CDs, and a workbook, along with other items. The Brian Tracy's How to Write a Book and Become a Published Author Training Program will guide you through all the important steps that can help you write a successful book, worth publishing. The training course covers 4 important stages of writing a book, starting from planning what you are going to write about, to getting it published. It is also available in an MP3 format for download, so you can listen to the audiobook according to your convenience.


  • Introducing the "How to Write a Book and Become a Published Author" training program.
  • How to Write a Book
  • During this course, you will learn the very same steps that Brian Tracy used over 20 years of his career to publish 80 books that were translated into more than 42 languages.
  • Writing a book, if you know what you're doing, is a lot like cooking.
  • Cooking usually begins with a recipe. If you follow that recipe every time you make that dish, your results are always the same.
  • Consider this course Brian Tracy's recipe to writing and publishing a best-selling book. If you follow it, you can experience similar results.
  • Stage 1: Planning Your Book
  • This sounds simple, right? You have a message to share, a process to improve, or are simply the expert on a certain topic – so just right about what you know. Not so fast. If you don't get the planning for your book right, it can lack direction and focus. So, you'll start by learning Brian's simple system for choosing a winning topic EVERY time.
  • You also learn:
  • Who to think about when you select your topic (and it’s not yourself)
  • How to ensure you choose a target market with profit potential — which makes your book more desirable to publishers
  • Why you MUST get OFF the computer when you create your book outline
  • The FIRST thing to do when you’re deciding on a topic for your book
  • How to ensure your book stands out from others on similar topics so publishers want to publish it — and readers want to buy it
  • And more
  • Stage 2: Writing the Book
  • When you follow Brian's method for writing a book, it comes together quickly and easily. Some students worked on their books for years before taking this course, and afterwards they were finally able to finish – in just 90 days or less. During this stage of the training, you will learn the skills and techniques necessary for getting your book written, start to finish.
  • You also learn:
  • What to do before you even start writing: this will streamline the writing process so you get through it faster than you thought possible
  • A process for getting your book written — without actually writing it
  • Strategies for organizing your book into chapters — and your chapters into palatable sections
  • How to make your words jump off the page so readers want to devour them
  • Exactly how to become an expert in your field, even if you don’t know anything about your subject
  • And more
  • Stage 3: Editing and Organizing
  • You thought writing was tough… editing and polishing can prove even more challenging than the actual writing. This is where you — and the helpers you enlist — organize your book into a specific, effective order so it becomes a polished masterpiece.
  • You also learn:
  • An important tip — that has nothing to do with writing — for being more alert, creative and fluent
  • How to create a schedule for editing your book so you get it done as quickly as possible
  • The several stages of editing, and the role each one plays in turning your rough work into a detailed work of art (miss one and you'll make the editing process much more painful than it has to be)
  • How to save yourself tons of aggravation by finding the RIGHT editor (so you won't waste time and money on a bad one)
  • Brian's 10-step plan for successful book creation
  • And more
  • Stage 4: Marketing and Publishing
  • You’ve finally finished your book! Now what? Navigating the unknown territory in the Land of Agenda and Publishers can be intimidating – but in this stage, you learn exactly how to find the right literary agent for you and your book. They can help you find the right publisher and make every part of this process easier.
  • You also learn:
  • How to promote your book for maximum profits
  • What you can do to turn your book into a license to print money (really! Why sell it once when you can earn profits from it again and again?)
  • The single reason why you can be rich … even when most authors are broke and starving
  • How to use the secret large companies use every day to stand out from the crowd and be remembered
  • The 4 keys to marketing strategy, and the 7 ingredients in my marketing mix
  • How to negotiate your best deal — including e-book rights, digital rights, and audio and video rights
  • And more

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