• ETG Urine Alcohol Test Kits for Sale

ETG Urine Alcohol Test Kits for Sale

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An ETG urine alcohol test is usually conducted to test for the presence of ethyl glucuronide, which is formed after a person consumes alcohol, so ETG urine test is widely used to check if someone has been drinking. TestCountry offers a selection of ETG Urine Alcohol Test Kits, which provide you with instant results, so you can check anytime to receive immediate results.

Customers can choose from cup kits or dip cards, which can be bought as single panel testing kits or up to 13-panel test kits, allowing you to test for 13 different types of drug abuse alongside the alcohol consumption. These ETG Urine Alcohol Test Kits are from brands like DrugConfirm Advanced and T-Cup, which are known for displaying accurate results. You can shop an ETG urine alcohol testing kit for as low as $36.25 for single panel urine test strips, where a single strip costs only $1.45.

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ETG Urine Alcohol Test Kits for Sale

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