• Brian Tracy High Performance Selling

Brian Tracy High Performance Selling


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Make you business more fruitful and successful by completing this highly popular workbook by Brian Tracy called High Performance Selling. Become a master at business transaction and a laudable sales person.Get the skills, know the tricks to become an exceptional sales manager. Get the best advice on making more money. Illuminate you mistakes and weakness with this book and enhance your ability in reaching sales target. Brian Tracy High Performance Selling comes in a kit of workbook binder with 15 CDs + Digital DVD. Experience the breakthrough in your business career with High Performance Selling and rise from the bottom line in just a few days.


You become a High Performance Seller, here is a list of some of the things that are covered:

  • Why you can achieve stellar success by being just a little bit better than average in certain key areas—and what those areas are
  • The Number One reason for failure among trained salespeople—and it has nothing to do with sales (warning: you’re probably making this mistake but it’s easy—and crucial—to correct!)
  • A recent change that has taken place in sales—and why, if you don’t evolve with the industry, you’ll be pounding pavement with holes in your shoes forever
  • Parallels between marriage and sales, and how this plays into the different components of a sales conversation
  • Credibility versus Mega-Credibility in Sales—why you need Mega-Credibility and to overcome customer skepticism and make the sale
  • How to build trust and conquer fear: the one thing you should NEVER say during a sales conversation—let this slip out and you’ll KILL your chances of closing the sale
  • Why you absolutely must not sell on PRICE—and what to sell on, instead (you may be surprised!)

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