• Azzaro Chrome for Men

Azzaro Chrome for Men


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Show your father how much you love him by gifting the Azzaro Chrome For Men By Azzaro Eau De Toilette Spray. The fragrance which is dedicated to the bond between a father and son. Azzaro Chrome Men captures the freshness of Mediterranean in a bottle. The azure blue designs represents the vastness of sky and the endless blue water of the sea. This is a scent for free energetic men with positive vibes. Azzaro Chrome for Men is a perfect remember of great moments and beautiful memories. The skillfully crafted scent contains ingredients like citrus, wood blended with aquatic aroma to give off cologne like feel which is sensual and fresh.


  • Top Notes:
  • Bitter Seville Orange, Sweet Lime, Bergamot, Pineapple, Rosemary Leaves, and Neroli.

  • Mid Notes:
  • Transparent Musk, Jasmine, Coriander, and Cyclamen.

  • Base Notes:
  • Green Tea, Tobacco, Fresh Grass, Brazilian Mate, Sandalwood, Tonka Bean, and Cedar.

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